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A driving under the influence conviction can have catastrophic effects on a person's personal and professional life. In the State of Georgia, a first driving under the influence conviction carries a possible maximum sentence of 12 months in jail and a one year suspension of Georgia driving privileges.  This type of outcome could cause you to lose your job and/or face disciplinary proceedings at a college or university. 

DUI Defense

Brad will investigate the charges pending against you, appeal any driver's license suspension, attend any such hearings on your behalf, file and argue pre-trial motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence and exclude improperly conducted field sobriety tests, understand breath testing equipment and results and blood test results, conduct a bench or jury trial, and handle any appeals that are necessary. 

Brad prosecuted DUIs as a solicitor.  Brad completed a comprehensive course of study titled "DUI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing".  These experiences provide Brad with an understanding of how DUIs are prosecuted and extensive knowledge of the best way to defend DUIs.  

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